Letter: No one is immune from gun violence

From: Elizabeth T. Nolan-Greven


Our family recently was touched by gun violence like what one reads in the paper about other people. Two innocent victims, two different places in this country, two people who should never have had access to guns causing such devastation for hundreds of family members and friends.

One must wonder when the people of this country will tire of this insanity. Rather than just accepting this uncivilized and violent state that we’ve allowed this country to slip into, why not take a stand, raise your voice and insist that gun laws be more regulated and made safer?

It’s the only way. It has nothing to do with anyone’s rights being denied. In fact, those of us who prefer not to be victimized by our fellow gun-carrying citizens are being denied the right to live in a society that is safe.

Not everyone should have access to firearms. Like in most countries where homicide by firearms is not such a huge issue, guns should be regulated and kept out of the hands of many people. They are not toys nor a joke. Beware, because if guns are not controlled soon, they will come into your family’s life as well, and it will be gruesome. We are all potential victims in a society where guns are not controlled.