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Astrograph: Sunday horoscopes – March 30


Consider what’s causing you grief and adjust your life. Taking care of problems and discarding what’s standing in your way will lead to a better future. If you find yourself using force, that’s a signal that it’s time to back away and instead seek out people and things that align with your plans. Opportunity is present; put your energy where it counts.

Astrograph: Sunday horoscopes – March 23


Place your power where it counts. Believe and trust in yourself and your ability to improve your world. Concentrate on making small but effective lifestyle changes this year, and everything else will fall into place. Change begins with you, and a positive attitude will set an example for others to follow. Be a leader and make a difference.

Astrograph: Sunday horoscopes – March 16


Nothing will stop you if you are diligent about what you want to achieve this year. The flow of creativity, combined with your insight and vision, will help you realize your goals. There is so much to gain if you believe in yourself and keep working toward your aims. Personal gain, love and romance are in the stars.

Ryan Trares: Climb to safety


Every parental warning siren was going off in my brain.

Astrograph: Sunday horoscopes – March 9


Look at the possibilities and consider what interests you most. Push for excellence. Don’t waste time when you have so much to do and gain by staying present, active and focused on what you want and can do to improve your life. Don’t let trivial matters stand in your way, and don’t give up before you can claim victory.