Around Town — Dec. 28

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Orchids to

Kathy Bush, director; Chris Kimerling, pianist; the Rev. Bev Perry, and the Petersville United Methodist Church Choir for the beautiful cantata, from the congregation.

Jess Schnepp for getting others to believe what Rovene Quigley said for years about the Crump.

Jamie and dogs, Jennie, Noelle and Hill family, Bethany, Merideth, Grace, Betty and Harper for the wonderful gifts, from the crossing guards at 27th and Home.

John Krull’s column.

the angel who gave me a gift card for Christmas.

whoever bought my dinner at Bob Evans on Monday, I appreciate it very much, from an old Marine.

the Columbus firefighters responding so quickly on Christmas morning when my carbon monoxide detector was alerting, from Stuart in Northbrook.

President Joe Biden and the White House addressing the supply chain problems.

President Biden’s economy growing at 7 percent while the former administration pre-pandemic was never more than 2.5 to 3 percent.

Onions to

hanging a flag with an offensive word that kids can see.

not knowing the pear trees along Washington Street are not the invasive Bradford variety.

all of the downtown street trees depositing pulpy, sticky “ornaments” on unsuspecting passersby, parked vehicles and sidewalks.

the columnist continuing with mass effluvium, slandering those people who have a different moral code and insightfulness contradicting his biases.

not putting any crosswalk lines on Taylor Road roundabout, which is totally unsafe to cross.

whoever decided we needed these silly roundabouts on Taylor Road.

the former leader for going to the Supreme Court to prevent the truth of the insurrection from being exposed to the world.

local elected officials who hire consultants to tell them what to do.

all the people who still blame the previous administration.

those with no clue what personal responsibility is, such as giving birth and providing for a life the Lord has blessed them with.

for the noisy trains going through the area Christmas day.

those that won’t vaccinate because they don’t like needles yet they have multiple tattoos.

running for any county office for the sole purpose of getting on to the county employees’ health care plan.

people who glorify a ball-hog.

narcissistic parents who bring their children 50 miles from where they live in order to get them playing time.

columnists writing falsehoods rather than just their opinions.

unvaccinated people causing us to have another COVID-19 Christmas and another coming up year with COVID.

the car passing on the double yellow line and then speeding north.

the political party making a celebrity hero out of a young man who killed two people and wounded another.

the fascist, extremist wing of the political party that glorifies violence.

elected officials who fear the truth will come out if they cooperate with the insurrection investigation, it’s time to remove them from office.

taking advantage of a pandemic to price gouge.

Happy Birthday to

RJ Wheeler, from your family and Donna.

Zachary Fisher, from your family and Donna.

Eileen Robertson, from your family and Donna.

Cynthia Ruggles, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

Happy Belated Birthday to

Vera Bloom, from your family and Donna.

Chris Wheeler, from your family and Donna.

Jeremy McDonald, from your family and Donna.

Happy Anniversary to

Bob and Gay Weimer on No. 50.

Happy Belated Anniversary to

Rev. Marcus and Jennifer Barr Speer, from all their Bartholomew County friends.

ANOTHER beautiful morning

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