Around Town – Feb. 7

Orchids to

Bill, for providing an alternative choice of intelligence and integrity, from Jen.

Bob St. Henry for shoveling my driveway and sidewalks, not once, but twice.

the old long-horned steer near Petersville. Hang in there and enjoy the round bail of hay.

for the great editorial in Thursday’s edition of the paper.

snow angels Stephanie and Eric, from the old people across the street.

Tim Waggoner for cleaning off all the snow for residents on Autumn Ridge Drive.

Station No. 4 firefighters and EMTs for your prompt, courteous professionalism, from grateful elderly residents.

Jamie and his son and to Gail Butler for cleaning my driveway, from Judith Kinder.

my neighbor Steve for cleaning my drive and walks.

my niece Lisa, nephew Lathan, neighbor Buddy, son-in-law Tim, and daughter Carin for all their help after I fell Saturday.

Jim on Chapel Court for cleaning the snow from neighbors’ driveways.

all the people who pushed me out when I got stuck along the road and the two guys who pushed me all the way home.

Dan Perry for plowing my drive, from Jack.

the best Lagoon neighbors, Brett and Trenton Boezeman for clearing our driveway after the storm, from Jim and Libby.

our education professionals who have degrees in curriculum and instruction, education and library sciences.

Jason Hatton for standing up for our community and against censorship.

the Parkside Pirates mascot for team support and making me smile.

the great editorial by Bud Herron who I will vote for in 2024 no matter what political party you decide to choose.

our library director for his stance on our right to check out what we choose to read.

Gerald Long for his excellent letter.

Jason Hatton for speaking out and taking a stand against legislative efforts to reduce the public’s freedom to read.

Happy Birthday to

Julie Greene, from Grandma Judy and Papaw Tom.

Logan Cline, from your family and Donna.

Julie, from Mom and Dad.