Democrats plan town hall at Donner

The Indiana Democratic Party and Libertarian Party of Indiana will hold a public question and answer session in Columbus tonight as part of the 2022 Town Hall Series.

The town hall event will be at Donner Center, 739 22nd St. and begins at 6:30 p.m. The following candidates will be present:Thomas McDermott, the Democratic candidate the U.S. Senate running against incumbent Republican Todd Young.

Cynthia “Cinde” Wirth, the Democratic candidate for Indiana’s Sixth Congressional District running against incumbent Republican Greg Pence.

Bryan Muñoz, the Democratic candidate running for Indiana Senate District 41 against incumbent Republican Greg Walker.

Ross Thomas, the Democratic candidate for Indiana House District 59 running against incumbent Republican Ryan Lauer.

The town hall series is an effort by the Indiana Democratic Party “to hear from all voters about the top issues facing Hoosier families” ahead of 2022 elections.

“There is no set theme for the town halls,” said party officials. “Indiana Democrats have a plan to address the kitchen-table issues important to voters, and from issues like inflation and law enforcement funding to education and broadband, candidates and elected officials will answer as many questions as possible during a 90-minute conversation.”

According to organizers, representatives of the Indiana Republican Party and Indiana Libertarian Party were invited to participate in town hall events across the state, but Republicans “declined the opportunity for partisan reasons.”