Around Town – June 8

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June 8

Orchids to

Ashley in BCREMC customer service for being so helpful and kind.

neighbors planting new trees to replace those blown down by recent storms.

Adam Loyd and Norvin Williams on their volunteer anniversaries, from Turning Point.

Dr. Saddoris for her column about mass shootings.

Onions to

not realizing high fuel prices are because crude oil is very high in price because of low supply, and oil companies have nothing to do with it.

all those in Congress who do not follow the majority wishes of their voters, bring them home!

those believing the Second Amendment guarantees a right to wear bullet-proof armor.

the political party that won’t do anything to reduce school massacres.

the employer for only giving me one raise after working for him for 15 years.

the television network that won’t broadcast the congressional findings on the attack on our Capitol.

the intersection from State Road 46 West on to State Road 11, it is very unclear how to proceed after the light and the median makes zero sense.

federal official who did not recognize the anniversary of D-Day.

the pickup truck playing loud bass music that does not stop for stop signs.

business owner who won’t repair his storm-damaged sign.

the city that will not take down “road closed” signs.

Happy Birthday to

Gracyln Manning, from the Weddle family.

Patty Fields, from your family, co-workers and Donna.

Sheryl Smith, from your family and Secret Sister’s.

Belated birthday wishes to

Lily Johnson from Pat, Mike and family.