Around Town – July 29

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July 29

Orchids to

Thursday’s John Krull column.

Joe Biden who does his job even when he’s sick and rises above his doubters.

John Krull for his column.

Onions to

the tumbled down fences bordering the Par 3 golf course.

local gas stations who should be boycotted for their high gas prices.

those who don’t realize that there is not enough oil in our ground to replace what we are missing.

legislators who need to remember this country was founded with a clear separation of church and state for a reason.

anyone who thinks an assault weapon is a sign of manhood.

the political party for paying the legal fees for the former federal elected official when he can well afford to pay his own.

the representative who doesn’t believe women deserve rights, does he understand that these laws will apply to his wife and kids?

those who think the local representative is listening to his church, he is just obeying his political boss.

the city raising taxes and the state that wants to give us our taxes back.

throwing around a dedicated employee, that has 32 years employment, like a rag doll.

politicians who don’t realize that when you’re in a hole, you should simply stop digging.

Happy Birthday to

Chuck Boll, from your family and Donna.

Gayle Nay, from your family and Donna.

Scott and April Felician, from Jay Baker.

Teresa Dowden, from Margie.

Happy Anniversary to

Connie and Mark Scott on No. 33, love family and friends.