Around Town – Aug. 5

Editor’s Note: Submissions to Around Town are opinions submitted anonymously by readers, not factual representations, and do not reflect the viewpoints of The Republic or its staff.

Aug. 5

Orchids to

The Republic for calling out our representative for voting against the best interests of our community.

the Thursday editorial about Rep. Greg Pence.

Columnist John Krull for his article in Wednesday’s edition.

the waitress at Red Lobster who paid for my meal, from a grateful veteran.

Coulson and Casey at the Ford dealership for helping me with my purchase of my new Ford, from Mr. Phelps.

Rep. Greg Pence for actually reading the bill and the hidden agendas responding within him.

Sue Heiwig for the graceful photo of the dawn in Thursday’s edition, from Sheila.

Onions to

the politicians running for re-election on a rapist bill of rights.

the political party that has just lost its way.

the embellishing gas lighter letter writer.

spending our tax dollars on music videos.

big wigs lining up to save an abandoned church while a family business begs just to pay bills.

record high prices for gasoline at the pump and record high profits for all big oil corporations.

person racing a loud four wheeler back and forth in a yard while the rest of the neighborhood tries to sleep.

the turmoil and divisiveness caused by the former federal elected official, because he can’t acknowledge nor accept defeat.

so much happiness about a state continuing to allow the convenient killing of unborn babies.

our local federal representative for once again voting against what’s good for Hoosiers and all Americans.

giving so much coverage to two business owners when all businesses are suffering.

automobiles making u-turns.

the political party that wants to take us back to the “Dark Ages.”

Happy Birthday to

Nellie Herndon, from Pastor Marvin Brown and Trinity Baptist Church.

Happy Belated Birthday to

Heather Weddle, from Grandma Weddle.

Happy Anniversary to

Charlie Pedigo, from Penny Pedigo.

Charlie and Penny Pedigo, from all your family.