A time for revival

Bishop David Bosley figures those attending today’s special revival service organized by the local African American Pastors Alliance at Faith Hope and Love Church of God In Christ need none of his fallible, human wisdom.

Which explains why he’s praying for what he called “fresh manna” from heaven to spiritually feed listeners when he delivers the message, “Just Add Grace” at the 6:30 p.m. gathering open to all at 11401 E. State Rd. 7 in Elizabethtown.

“We all need grace for ourselves,” Bosley said during an overview of his scheduled remarks. “We need it for the things we do today and the things that we have done in the past.

“I believe that God’s grace is the greatest power that humans have ever known.”

Bosley, pastor of Dayspring Church of the Apostolic in Columbus, wrote a Christian devotional book, “40 Days of Grace” last year to offer believers a day-by-day guide.

“If the Lord, Creator of the universe, has granted us an endless supply of grace, we should start to understand the full focus and breadth of this monumental offering,” he wrote in the book.

The clergyman said he feels that those who fully grasp that idea can in turn find strength for spiritual renewal and breakthroughs over various struggles.

“What we’re talking about at this service is a great opportunity for personal renewal,” Bosley said.

The service is just one of what could be several others in the near future from the pastors alliance — a group that in part stresses the need for racial harmony and unity in Bartholomew County and beyond. Pastor Mike Harris, the leader of the alliance formed nearly 20 years ago, has regularly mentioned that unity can be real and meaningful amid even stark differences when respect for others is practiced.

“We’re never all going to be exactly the same,” he has said.

Harris pastors Faith Hope and Love Church of God In Christ where today’s worship will be held. Masks will be required, according to organizers.

Churches linked to the pastors alliance have joined forces in the past for choir and ensemble-oriented praise gatherings and similar functions through the years. The group also has advocated for racial fairness in matters ranging from the local schools to the local media.

“We figure that since we often talk about brotherhood, then we ought to make time to show some brotherhood among each other,” Bosley said of the service. “It’s a way for us to show that that is important to us.

“This is us coming together and saying ‘You have your church and I have my church and I know that sometimes we do things differently,” Bosley said. “But we always should be able to join together as brothers and sisters and lift up one another in the spirit of coming closer to God.”

About the service

What: A worship service billed as a “Citywide Revival Service,” organized by the local African American Pastors Alliance.

When: 6:30 p.m. today.

Where: Faith Hope and Love Church of God In Christ, 11401 E. State Rd. 7 in Elizabethtown.

Information: Pastor Mike Harris at 812-371-8624.