Around Town – Sept. 17

Editor’s Note: Submissions to Around Town are opinions submitted anonymously by readers, not factual representations, and do not reflect the viewpoints of The Republic or its staff.

Sept. 17

Orchids to

Cummins for the awesome gift of the Community Wide Recycling Day.

those supporting the POW/MIA Ceremony and special thanks to speakers, Sandy LaBarbera and Ernest Walke along with Columbus Children’s Choir and Michael Schmelz, from Bob Miller.

Cummins for once again putting on a great recycling event.

voting to bring candidates who support all women’s rights into office.

Clark Owens for spearheading the fundraiser for the Brandon Craven’s scholarship at the Edinburgh Fall Festival, from Wagner Realty.

Double K Pet Hotal for taking good care of me, from Bailey.

Jessica at UPS store for having such a great helpful attitude and a beautiful personality.

Jennifer Wells for her letter.

the good people of Martha’s Vineyard, Newark, and other cities taking care of and saving migrants with open arms, even high school students volunteering as translators.

Eric for keeping the Par 3 clubhouse so clean.

Onions to

not understanding if you want “affordable” housing you’ll have to move, this city only caters to the rich.

the people who let their small dog bark all the time.

the county official who lets his dog run loose and demands animal control deliver the dog to him to save face and avoid paying fines.

the county official who threatens other county officials to get what he wants in a quid pro quo fashion.

the former federal official, who continues to insist he’s done nothing wrong, making veiled threats to U.S. democracy.

the shoddy concrete work to the roads in the neighborhood on the north side of town.

the elected officials whose leader had four years to fix the border but didn’t and now blames it on the current leader.

governors using planes and buses to shuttle men, women, and children across the country like cattle to score political points.

mayors of sanctuary cities now exhibiting their hypocrisy.

not realizing the Constitution does not give anyone the right to drive a vehicle whether gas-powered or electric.

not realizing if there is a nationwide abortion ban, Americans will go out of the country for the procedure.

our state legislators infringing on women’s right to privacy and the guarantee of equal privileges.

Happy Birthday to

Karen Phelps, from the Two Worlds group, Deborah and Donna.

Happy Anniversary to

Colleen on No. 30, from Carl Fivecoat.