Around Town – Sept. 21

Editor’s Note: Submissions to Around Town are opinions submitted anonymously by readers, not factual representations, and do not reflect the viewpoints of The Republic or its staff.

Sept. 21

Orchids to

Flambeau Inc for donating tackle boxes for use in STEM for “toy box organizers,” from W. D. Richards second graders.

the local group showing us how close solar panels will be to homes if the county adopts 200 foot setbacks vs. 500 foot setbacks.

the county commissioners for their hard work in bringing broadband to the rural parts of our county.

Steve and Sharon who paid for my groceries at Aldi’s when I realized I had forgotten my credit card at home, such a blessing.

Sherri Fritz, guest columnist in the Seymour Tribune, for the great article.

Onions to

the local church, if you don’t like the books at the library, then don’t check them out.

ColumBUS Transit for reserving 16 prime parking spaces at Mill Race Center.

the former leader whose apparent defense strategy is to try to make all Americans as crazy as he is.

the opinion column writer complaining how words and insults offended her, then directly hurling an underhanded insult at our president.

the school corporation wasting money to hire the search institute to pry into the lives of our children.

politicians who make embarrassing statements every time they are interviewed.

the three cars that blew through the light all at the same time.

the governor’s exploitative and cruel treatment of migrants fleeing economic and political oppression.

having a gay Pride Festival on the same day as our marathon causing my group of runners to withdraw.

having a Pride Festival but no holiday parade.

Happy Birthday to

Stacey Adams, from your Secret Sisters.

Levi Garrison, from the Morrow family.

Happy Belated Birthday to

Paula Kirts, from volleyball friends.

Joe Andrew, from your volleyball friends.