Letter: A no vote from me on Matt Myers for mayor

From: Greg Willmore


Congratulations, Matt Myers. On your first day of campaigning for mayor, you lost my vote.

First was your timing. The loss of Tony Moravec is a seismic event for Columbus, probably the biggest since the Miller family left town. Was your announcement for running for mayor so important that you couldn’t wait a day after the news of his passing? Sure, you made a few comments and had a moment of silence to recognize him, then it was on to your self-promotion. It was as if you said “OK, enough about Tony Moravec, let’s talk about me.” I find your timing to be disrespectful and opportunistic.

You immediately complained about our current mayor and said “Tonight we are taking Columbus back”. Jim Lienhoop has been a breath of fresh air when compared to the dumpster fire term of his immediate predecessor. Mayor Lihehoop has a vision for moving Columbus forward and public/private partnerships are a great way to make things happen. It sounds like you will sit on the sidelines waiting for businesses to come to you. Based on your comments, it appears that what you want to do is set the city back, not take it back.

You talk about people of Columbus not feeling safe. If that is true, that is on you. If people have grown to feel unsafe, that happened on your watch as sheriff. The mayor collaborates with the sheriff and then it’s his or her responsibility to make the community feel all is well regarding public safety. You basically said that you failed in your duties as sheriff. Another strike against you.

In your comments about Mayor Lienhoop and his understanding of public safety you stated “… he don’t know a whole lot about it”. Really, Mr. Myers, “he don’t”? If there is one thing I expect of a mayor, it is that they be well spoken. If you don’t understand basic English, I don’t want you as my mayor.

I can only hope that the Democratic Party or Republican Party can come up with better candidates than you to lead this city and take us into the future — someone more like Jim Lienhoop. Perhaps you were a good sheriff. That does not mean you are qualified to be a mayor who will carry this wonderful city forward. The one thing I can tell you for sure is that even if your name is the only one on the ballot next November, you will not get my vote.

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