Around Town – Jan. 14

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Jan. 14

Orchids to

Teresa, CVS pharmacy tech on National Road, for getting my prescription filled before they closed for lunch. It was much appreciated!

Judge Jon Rohde for making tough decisions and keeping our community safe!

all the hospital personnel on Monday who worked for hours trying to find the reason for my problem, for my procedure, and for helping me.

William Bergman for his Friday letter.

William Gerhard on your Jan. 13th letter. So true!

William Bergman on your letter in Jan. 13th paper. I agree totally.

the previous majority in Congress, who took their responsibilities seriously compared to the clown show that we have had this year.

the public library for its survey.

Rep. Greg Pence for going to Washington and doing the work of the people.

Gretchen Newell and Diane Doup for your help, you are truly some of the nicest people! Thank you.

Gov. J.B. Pritzker.

Rep. Greg Pence for his vote against funding for the bloated addition of IRS agents.

Onions to

not realizing the National Park Service’s Save America’s Treasures grant is taxpayer-funded and probably shouldn’t be used to save a private church.

local schools going cashless for sporting events.

not grasping the fact if we only understood “why” someone becomes a drug addict or commits suicide, we just might be able to solve the problems.

the party choosing poor health decisions as a plank in their platform.

not understanding that the new IRS agents would go after the low-hanging fruit that cannot afford to fight their harassment.

the should-be retired representative and his party restricting women’s rights.

our representative for once again rubberstamping his bosses and ignoring his constituents.

asinine political cartoons.

the elected official who wants the rich to bypass paying their taxes while socking it to the middle class.

Happy Birthday to

Hetty Bateman, from your family and Donna.