Around Town – Jan. 31

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Jan. 31

Orchids to

Smith Sonic and Parkside Pirates Vex robotics teams for the great job in Saturday’s tournament, it was amazing to see how far both teams have come since the season started.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy who stated cutting Social Security and Medicare is off the table, the debt ceiling will be raised and the U.S. will not default on loans.

teaching financial literacy to kids, only they should start in sixth grade.

the article on the national prayer breakfast concerning our nation’s ongoing struggle to retain our faith-based heritage.

Leo Morris for his column.

the politicians realizing a 30 percent national sales tax proposed by the U.S. House would cripple working families, business and farmers.

those who are aware that marijuana rewires the neurotransmitters of your brain regardless of how developed it is.

Onions to

the person who praised the so-called leader who had to grant an abundance of concessions through 15 votes to gain that leadership position.

the local politician who wants to make school boards attached to political parties.

those who think they and the government should control what my child reads instead of paying attention to what their child reads.

the health officials who have never distinguished deaths from COVID instead of dying with COVID.

competition from tax-subsidized housing putting local small landlord taxpayers out of business.

the politicians threatening to default when over 25% of the total national debt was incurred during the former president’s years in office with tax breaks for the wealthy.

the politicians for suggesting cuts to Social Cecurity and Medicare as viable options to lower spending when it is easily remedied by taxing the rich.

the local animal “rescue” group that brings in dogs from the south while both local shelters are overflowing with animals.

those who want to raise the debt ceiling, without even considering budgeting government spending more wisely.

pitting school funds against homeowners taxes, they should instead increase taxes on corporations, reduce TIFS and keep income taxes.

the city traffic signal that will not synchronize to the speed limit.

the columnist defending a so-called right which never existed in the first place.

Happy Birthday to

John Hall, from your friends and family.

Happy Belated Birthday to

Francis Probst on No. 75, from Karen, Matt, Tobi and Owen.

Aunt Michele Phelps, we love you, from Zack, Jas, Ethan, Sammy, Karli, & Meme.