Around Town – Sept. 6

FILE - A woman types on a laptop while on a train in New Jersey, May 18, 2021. A trial of a four-day workweek in Britain, billed as the world’s largest, has found that an overwhelming majority of the 61 companies that participated over six months last year will keep going with the shorter hours and that most employees were less stressed and burned out and had better work-life balance. (AP Photo/Jenny Kane, File)

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Sept. 6

Orchids to

Venus Nails for making my toes and fingernails look so beautiful, from Sharon Phillips.

Dr. Pamela at Southern OBGYN and staff for taking such good care of me, from Sharon Phillips.

Ben McDaniel and Daniel Ayers with Raft to Rafters for helping a customer out in a pinch over the holiday weekend. We appreciate you going above and beyond after hours!

Alysha at Best Buy for an outstanding job going above and beyond what could I could ever do when trying to set up my phone and changing phone services. She was incredible.

North High School for removing the black out tarp on the chain link fence surrounding the perimeter of the athletic field.

Onions to

those who support the First Amendment when it incites violence but call for censorship when it teaches empathy.

a county with a $21 million dollar surplus and a school corporation that would dare ask for more tax money.

people who take their dogs into grocery stores.

changing the yet again revolving door of parking rules downtown, make a plan and stick to it more than a couple of days.

the lady in the white van at Richards cross-country pick up line for cutting in front of 10 other cars.

everybody sneaking into the United States.

the car and the truck that ran the light at U.S. 31 and Middle Road.

adults with children on motorized scooters who won’t stop at stop signs.

Happy Birthday to

Ron Adams, from your family and Donna.

Sheryl Frost, from your family, Rita and Donna.

Happy Anniversary to

Terry and Deb Johnson, from your family and Donna.