Around Town – Sept. 13

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Sept. 13

Orchids to

great members of Columbus Pickleball Club members for stopping play this morning to remember those who lost their lives on 9/11.

Marcus, who went far, far over and above.

Jalene Hahn for her great column about dealing with adult children.

Steven Roberts for his column regarding freedom of the press.

Addie for her petition against censorship and to all those who object to book banning.

Onions to

the so-called leader not being present to honor those who lost so much during the worst attack on our country in history.

the local school that shuts off the air conditioning making it very hot inside the classrooms.

the middle school football coaches for not having an American flag flying at the game Monday night, 9/11.

early morning car stereos so loud they rattle windows and wake neighborhoods up.

the city engineer’s office for continuing to take nice wide streets to narrow lanes.

the church who decided to close a county road so they could have a carnival and almost caused a three-car wreck.

the very rude person working at the association office.

Happy Birthday to

Brooke Chowning, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

Betty Tuttle, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

Elizabeth Medley, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

Greg Burns, from your family and Donna.

Tylor Rhoades, from the Morrow family.