Around Town – Nov. 21

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Nov. 21

Orchids to

the Mad City Money Volunteers for the great job of giving BCSC freshman the opportunity to make real life money decisions and helping them see the need to plan for expenses! from the Bartholomew County Financial Literacy Coalition.

the students at Columbus East High School for their outstanding production of Chicago! The cast, the orchestra, and all the supporting people produced an amazing play.

Duane and Cindy House and all the family for the great get-together for dinner at Montana Mike’s restaurant, from Dad and Mom.

the person who paid for my meal at Cracker Barrel on Sunday. It was very much appreciated.

Onions to

the soon to come “solution” to homelessness being higher taxes.

people complaining about a mayoral absence from community conversations as if that is something new and hasn’t been going on for years.

having decrepit leadership.

telling a dictator and our country’s most dangerous adversary that it is “a great honor and a pleasure” to host him in the United States.

Indiana for offering drivers license to immigrants from Ukraine, while denying it to immigrants from other countries.

the basketball league that only has two practices for the entire season. Little kids need to practice more than they need to play.

the city for not getting the word out better of where to put the leaves for pickup.

Happy Birthday to

Karen Johnson, from your family and Secret Sisters.

Judy Andrews, from your family and Donna.

Morgan Carlton, from Georgia, Mom, and Mark.