Tune in Tonight: ‘Fargo’ returns with bite and laughs

“Fargo” (10 p.m., FX, TV-MA) returns for its fifth season since 2014. Each season has been a variation on the original 1996 Coen Brothers film, and each has been different. The first season astounded viewers and assured critics that the decision to adopt an Oscar-winning classic was not a desecration, but inspired.

In many ways, season five hews closest to the original film but modulates the emphasis on particular characters. In the movie, Jerry Lundegaard’s (William H. Macy) kidnapped wife (Kristin Rudrud) is a mere plot device, a cipher who barely speaks.

In this season, Dorothy “Dot” Lyon (Juno Temple) is the subject of abduction and the driving force of the drama. Although she presents herself as a mild-mannered housewife, she is soon seen outwitting her potential kidnappers with stunning inventiveness, using common household objects with lethal force like some fearful MacGyver. It’s not giving too much away to reveal that one of her pursuers refers to her as a “tigress.”

Dot is clearly keeping secrets best not revealed here.

Other characters include North Dakota sheriff Roy Tillman (Jon Hamm), who uses his authority to cobble together a cultlike militia, basing his authority on Bible verses and a self-serving interpretation of Constitutional law.

Dot’s weak husband, Wayne (David Rysdahl), can’t keep himself clear of his mother’s money and apron strings. That mother, Lorraine Lyon, is portrayed with gusto by Jennifer Jason Leigh. America’s “queen of debt,” she has amassed a fortune sending hospital patients into bankruptcy. She has no patience for the weak. Look for Dave Foley as Danish Graves, her legal adviser.

The sprawling case earns the attention of Minnesota police deputy Indira Olmstead (Richa Moorjani). While her conversation is filled with as many “You betchas” as Marge Gunderson’s (Frances McDormand) in the original film, her background is Native American, and that leads many to underestimate her. In the movie, the diligent sheriff was married to Norm (John Caroll Lynch), a mild-mannered illustrator happy when his ducks were turned into postage stamps. Here, Indira’s husband runs up crippling credit card debt pursuing his pipe dream of a professional golf career and complaining when she doesn’t have dinner ready for him.

The first “Fargo” installment since 2019, the series has lost none of its edge or its startling blend of dark comedy and extreme, slapstick violence. Playing with notions of authoritarian sheriffs, backwoods militias and a deranged, cruel and extreme version of free enterprise, this season of “Fargo” may be the most political yet.

But then again, these are extreme times.

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