Marriage license applications, Nov. 15.-Jan. 11

Emily Dawn Steven Von Fange, 25, Pine Ridge Drive, and Paxton Avery Henderson, 24, Pine Ridge Drive.

Terrance Holderness, 54, Lakecrest Drive, and Victoria McBurney, 37, North Vernon.

Desirae A. Payne, 34, South Hinman Court, and Karen Sue Newland, 51, Joseph Cox Court.

Haley Jo Locke, 35, Countryside Lane, and Mark Paul Andrew Capps, 46, Countryside Lane.

Seth Gregory Nasby, 25, South County Road 550W, and Madison Rush, 23, West County Road 650S.

Austin Tyler Bustle, 38, Base Road, and Jennifer Lee Neely, 38, London, Ky.

Philip Wayne Vennie, 41, Navajo Court, and Cindy Lee Stevenson, Navajo Court.

Evelyn Gann, 68, Busy, Ky., and John Patrick Mize, Busy, Ky.

Jennifer Briseno, 24, Hillview Way, and Walker Jack Tulloch, 25, Hillview Way.

Delia Rojas, 34, Sycamore Drive, and Jose Adrian Garcia Cruz, 28, Sycamore Drive.

Pedro Venancio Andres, 34, Main Street, Taylorsville, and Karina Grizel Rivera Reyes, 24, Main Street, Taylorsville.

Justin Andrew Helmick, 31, 14th Street, and Alicia Sky Shipley, 28, 14th Street.

Jassiel Rodela Flores, 19, Ninth Street, and Helen Delois Strong, 19, Ninth Street.

Olivia Troxel, 31, Dawnshire Drive, and Casey Herrin, 34, West County Road 50S.

Megan Brewster, 23, Central Avenue, and David Ketron, 25, Maryville, Tenn.

Bernadette Frey, 47, Abbey Lane, and Stephen Lettelleir, 38, Abbey Lane.

Jazmyn Marie Green, 23, West County Road 50S, and Kenneth Nelson Keller, 22, West County Road 50S.

Pedro Arrellano Gonzalez, 39, Estates Court, and Marlen Rosalia Nunez Rodriguez, 22, Estates Court.

Carrie Clark, 32, Chandler Lane, and Clinton Chadwell, 35, Chandler Lane.

Hollie Nicole Whitehead, 31, West County Road 450S, and Casey Poindexter, 32, West County Road 450S.

Ali Makhlof Alwafi Ammar, 38, Middle View Drive, and Asma Bashir Adbalhfid Alnoga, 35, Indianapolis.

David Wayne Beesley II, 20, Ninth Street, and Zoe Michelle Atkinson, 19, Ninth Street.

Crystal Rose Marie Adkins, 24, Kevin Drive, and Nathanial Aaron Hyatt, 25, Kevin Drive.

Jennifer Alecia Miller, 37, North State Road 9, Hope, and Daniel Joe Doss II, North State Road 9, Hope.

Steven Paul Evenson Jr., 25, Erin Drive, and Carrie Ann Petrey, 26, Erin Drive.

Richard Eugene Pettit, 44, Shady Lane, and Alexandria Nicole Woods, 22, Shady Lane.

Rebecca Cheyenne Earman, 25, 15th Street, and Griffen Samuel Wheeler, 26, 15th Street.

Jacob C. Phillips, 28, Shagbark Court, and Yulia Dyska, 24, Thicket Court.

Brandon Leon Coomer, 36, Hartsville, and Cierra Lynn Sconce, 25, Hartsville.

Sayde Guadalupe Lazcano Cabrera, 55, Rosewood Lane, and Rafael Enrique Caraballo Quinones, 52, Rosewood Lane.

Angel Luis Castellano Jr., 22, Rosewood Lane, and Flor Yulisa Serrano Lopez, 26, Rosewood Lane.

David Dominguez, 20, Rosewood Court, and Melanie Gutierrez Gallardo, 22, Rosewood Court.

Dane Leroy Shidler, 48, North County Road 350E, Hope, and Tosha R. Markwell, North County Road 350E, Hope.

William Morales Ayala, 29, South Gladstone Avenue, and Kathia Nahomi Midranda Virella, 26, South Gladstone Avenue.

Shelby Lynn Roberts, 27, South County Road 600E, Elizabethtown, and Tyler James Zellman, South County Road 600E, Elizabethtown.

Austin Richard Hagedorn, 29, Washington Street, and Lauren Marie Tucker, 28, Washington Street.

Michaela Renee Kiess, 30, North Dellasburg Road, and Dustin Shane Davidson, 34, North Dellasburg Road.

Tania B. Becerra, 60, Thicket Court, and Carlos Humberto Mena Gil, 58, Thicket Court.

Everado Sotelo Hernandez, 57, Finchbrook Drive, and Emerenciana Secundino Jiminez, 51, Finchbrook Drive.

Alicia Wright, 36, Fifth Street, and Brittney Hamner, 33, Fifth Street.

Michele Yunez, 21, Rosedale Drive, and Juan Orozco, 19, Rosedale Drive.

Natcha Kaewtippayanate, 23, Nashville, Tenn., and Blake Ryan Brooks, 23, Driftwood Avenue.

Claudia L. Gomez Leon, 28, California Street, and Wilber Martinez Obando, 29, California Street.

Nicholas James Hotz, 38, Oakland Park, Fla., and Mireya Camelo Bueno, Oakland Park, Fla.

Gale Lee Loughmiller, 88, River Road Drive, and Lois L. Wilbur, 87, Stratton Court.

Lindy Ann Hensley, 43, North Vernon, and Grant Scott Nading, 46, East County Road 900N, Hope.

Jessica Page Ogle, 26, Brookside Drive, Hope, and Cody Mitchell Hobbs, 29, Autumn Ridge Drive.

Dean Rees Child, 22, Burley, Idaho, and Charley Annette Kleinhenz, 20, North County Road 500W.

Dakota Scott Dutro, 21, Morristown, Tenn., and Kalei Madison Johnson, 19, Morristown, Tenn.

Samantha Katherine Shepard, 29, Flossmoor, Ill., and Dylan Albert Gessinger, 29, Flossmoor, Ill.

Francisco Sanchez Ruiz, 29, Reed Street, and Dayana Ramirez Alvarez, 27, Reed Street.

Alyssa Nicole Whitaker, 19, Miller Court, and Christian Evan Luke, 22, Miller Court.

Megan Anne Henderson, 25, Pippin Court, Andrew Michael Herold, 27, River Road.

Perla Marie Echevarria Ausua, 23, Miami Court, and Carlos Eduardo Ramos Orozco, 25, Miami Court.

Charles Dennis Phelps Jr., 50, Hunters Run, and Amanda Fae Napier, 38, Hunters Run.

Ashley Dawn Burton, 27, Ashford Park Place, and Christopher Michael Rooks, 44, McKinley Avenue.

Ashley Ann McDonald, 40, Fremont Drive, and Kurt Alan Whitchurch, 44, Fremont Drive.

Daegan Thomas Hull, 23, Woodlane Drive, and Britney Mae Poff, 24, Woodlane Drive.