Tune in Tonight: Apple launches space-based head-scratcher ‘Constellation’

A psychological thriller with science-fiction and supernatural overtones, “Constellation” streams the first three of its eight episodes on Apple TV+ today.

A French-German-American production with a Swedish-speaking lead that begins on a mission on the International Space Station, “Constellation” bounces back and forth rather seamlessly in time and from Earth to space. At the outset, an astronaut named Jo (Naomi Rapace, “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”) is floating around the space station, anticipating a walk outside the craft while spending a little Facetime with her daughter and husband back in Sweden.

Barking orders from mission control, a gruff NASA big shot named Henry (Jonathan Banks, “Breaking Bad”) seems obsessed with a secret experiment that can only be conducted in zero gravity. It has the potential to “change everything.” But the very moment his project gets underway, all heck breaks loose on the space station, the aftermath of some cosmic collision.

Not to give too much away, but a routine day becomes an aborted mission and a desperate effort to cobble together old Soviet/Russian capsules as life rafts. Left behind on the station to ride solo on the last craft, Jo is also assigned with saving the experiment and taking it back to Earth.

But even before she leaves, she has experiences, or perhaps hallucinations, right out of this world.

With its use of zero gravity to turn mundane assignments into graceful ballet, “Constellation” may remind some viewers of “2001.” It also borrows that film’s penchant for quick jumps between the routine and the cosmic, a style that some may find entrancing and others baffling.

By chance, “Constellation” also arrives on the heels of the departure of HBO’s “True Detective: Night Country.” Both involved the aftermath of earth-shattering experiments conducted in the most frozen extremes. And both feature strong female professionals conducting their business amidst mind-bending circumstances. Of the two, “Constellation” is the more visually dazzling, if slow-moving and challenging.

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