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Sprague hotel wins IHG award


INDIANAPOLIS — Holiday Inn Express & Suites Indianapolis - Noblesville received the IHG Hotels & Resorts 2021 Spirit of True Hospitality Award for the second straight year. The award was presented in Las Vegas.

Bursting of speculative bubbles leaves path of financial destruction


Warren Buffett famously said, “Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked.” To slow rampant, persistent inflation, the Federal Reserve (“Fed”) has slammed on the monetary brakes by rapidly increasing short-term interest rates and reversing its program of “quantitative easing,” emergency relief measures implemented at the start of the pandemic.

Quaff ON! Pour House opening in Nashville


NASHVILLE — The very first Big Woods location on Molly’s Lane in Nashville is getting a new life.

Toyota observes National Forklift Safety Day


Toyota Material Handling (TMH) celebrated National Forklift Safety Day 2022 by reinforcing the importance of creating and maintaining a culture of safety for forklift operators. In 2021, the North American material handling industry exceeded 330,000 unit sales, an all-time record.

How to plan for, mitigate inflation’s impact in retirement


It is a tough time to be considering or in retirement. Retirement investors face high and rising inflation, historically low interest rates, and stock market volatility.

Purdue, Ivy Tech hope combined efforts will build microelectronics workforce


Microchips—commonly known as semiconductors—power the technologies associated with everyday life. From personal items like computers, phones, cars and smart watches to large-scale assets like the electrical grid and defense systems, microchips are essential.

Riding the solar wave, but are we keeping pace?

It’s planting season, and all around the Indiana countryside, the land is being readied for the hottest new crop. It’s not a new strain of corn or soybean, but thousands of acres of solar panels in almost every direction.

A pivot: Indiana auto industry begins transition to growing EV production

A basic fact about electric vehicles: They’re made up of many different components, but fewer than in gasoline-powered vehicles.

Founders Friday’s to feature entrepreneurs


The Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce and Velocities will feature weekly conversations with 12 business founders rooted in Columbus.

College graduates should heed ‘Real World 101’ advice


A college education is one of life’s most costly investments. Graduation season is a good time to update a past column discussing what you should do after you’ve earned your diploma to protect and enhance the return on your investment.