Around Town – March 13

Orchids to …

• Lt. Alan Trisler and the Columbus Police Department for providing free security at Bowling For Kids Sake, and for Trisler providing great music as the disc jockey, from Vicki Griffin and Chris Raskob.

• Lowe’s for its helping hand with Orphan Grain Train’s outreach to families with household needs.

• the person in a Toyota van for paying for my breakfast at McDonald’s on Thursday, from Grateful.

• all my family for the surprise birthday party, from Charlotte.

• Norvella Miller for always helping friends, from Donna.

• Marcus Speer for buying lunch for a friend, from a friend.

• those who look in the mirror before they leave their houses.

• the disc jockey for donating his time, talent and services to a charity event.

• Cindy and Cheri at Columbus Transit for all their kindness, from John Tinkey.

• Allen and Harriet Dillman for their kindness throughout the years, from a friend.

• the newspaper delivery person who has done an excellent job this winter of delivering newspapers on time and on porches regardless of the weather on 13th and Court streets.

• Mayor Kristen Brown for taking time to learn and follow campaign laws.

• Joawn Seeley for your right-on letter to the editor.

• Noel Knifley’s letter for a very true description of gun control from a reader who agrees.

• Lori the pediatric nurse at Columbus Regional Hospital for being a great nurse for my great-grandson Corbyn during his surgery, from Elaine Beaman.

• everyone who pays no attention to the petty, gossipy stuff that fills the Orchids and Onions everyday.

• all our family, friends, coaches, players, parents and staff of St. Bartholomew for their kind words, best wishes and generosity at the athletic banquet last Monday evening, from Kyle and Tammy Fath.

Onions to …

• all the uneducated people who think the sun comes up in Indiana the same time it comes up in New York.

• anyone who claims a certain candidate is all about transparency.

• the campaign that decided it needed to clutter our scene with large signs.

• people who cannot tolerate the truth about themselves.

• the driver of the SUV who failed to yield while merging onto 10th Street, cut me off and then proceeded to drive under the speed limit Thursday afternoon.

• the candidate who voted for trash fees.

• dog owners who do not pick up after their dogs.

• the man, who due to his own problems, abandoned his kids.

• those who think that higher cigarette prices will miraculously cause someone who is addicted to nicotine to stop smoking.

• continued stories about lack of affordable housing when small-business owners are finding it harder and harder to rent nice units at reasonable rates.

Happy Birthday to …

• Josh Caudill, from Dawn, Kamryn, Zach, Courtney, L.J, Hailynn, Jayden, Dylan, Brandon, Suzie, Odie, Rex and Shelby.

• Garrett Reeves, from Mom, Dad and family.

• Della Elifritz, from Aunt Jan and Uncle Max.

• Patty Cox, from Alice, Larry, Cara, Andy, Crystal, Brendan and Caleb.

• Maddie Schoettmer, from Dad, Mom, Grandma Kim, Grandpa Mark, Niki, Grandma Joan and Grandma Jean.

• Jennifer Watson, from Greg, Mom, Paul, Kim, Mamaw Care, Chad Malachi, Qualyn, Ariel, Gunner and the rest of your family.

• Mike and Kim Castetter on No. 16, from BFF.

• Maddison McDermott McElroy, from Nan and B.D.

• Chris Robbins, from Pastor Lewis and The Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Tandon Buckner, from Pastor Lewis and The Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Victoria Smith, from Pastor Lewis and The Who So Ever Will Community Church.

Belated Wishes to …

• Doris Bedell, from the retiree gang.

• Beverly Johnson, from Donna.

• Jim Guilfoyle, from Cummins Corporate Accounting, Doris and Donna.

• Shoki Sato, from Mom, Dad and Donna.

• Amanda Steward, from the Assemblies Team and Donna.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Patrick McQueen on No. 22, from Lori McQueen.

• Lew and Bonnie Williams on No. 7, from the lunch bunch.

Belated Wishes to …

• Gary & Kathy Johnson on No. 38, from Shauna, Chuck and Chase.