Letter: Walkers can pick up a new good habit


Ken Chandler


Here’s a suggestion for all us “exercise walkers”: Carry a bag! I’m a longtime walker. I ramped up in 2020 after having spinal and open-heart surgery. At 77 years young, I walk at least an hour (about 3 miles) each morning Monday through Friday and about half that on Saturday. Most days I end up with 4-6 miles, all daily walking considered. Sunday is a day of rest.

Recently I began to carry a plastic bag to collect litter — paper, cardboard, bottles, cans, fast-food containers — anything not organic, such as leaves and twigs that will decompose. One can find interesting litter, e.g., an empty tube of Polygrip on Rocky Ford Road and a small pile of broken metal car parts on the sidewalk on Taylor Road south of Rocky Ford and an apparent elementary student’s rather pretty painting on Rocky Ford!

So, I’m suggesting we walkers carry a bag to help clean up our roads and streets. If you’re not a walker, just walk a few yards up and down your street and pick up litter. Wear gloves and wash your hands when finished. Here’s for making our neighborhoods cleaner. Go walkers!