Letter: Quest for power harming our country

From: Larry Shade


The U.S. democracy is in disarray. The norms and traditions that have always bound us together have faded. Today disagreements and opinions cannot be compromised. The country has settled into a polarized divide filled with anger. The thirst for power has become a cancer on the country.

The lust for power has brought our government to a standstill. At this time, the divide is so great, a reconciliation seems remote. Misinformation runs rampant and makes a mockery of the truth. The controls the leaders have over their believers is steadfast. Because most citizens have little interest in current events, they accept the words of their leader.

Our country has lost its moral compass. Hate, lies and greed have taken control. Our congressional leaders have failed to lead. They put political power and their own interest ahead of doing their job for the country. The strength of our institutions has weakened (family unit, church, judicial system). A disinterested public on happenings in the country makes us even more vulnerable. Our current path is not acceptable. The clock is ticking.