Around Town – Dec. 24

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Dec. 24

Orchids to

Merry Christmas!

those who choose to use their freedom to protect all of us from having to spend Christmas at a hospital.

the staff at CRH working tirelessly to save us from ourselves.

Sherry at Goodwill for her extra help with the bicycle Wednesday, from a happy customer.

China for accurately identifying the former federal leader’s response to the pandemic as the primary reason we have suffered so many deaths and for people’s resistance toward vaccinations and masking.

John Krull for another great column, but what do we call them?

John Krull for his column on the hypocrisy of the radical right.

all those wonderful and intelligent people who have been vaccinated, wear masks when advisable, and practice social distancing.

John Krull’s editorial proving our former president and his allies are not conservatives.

so many people wearing masks NOW!

the Santa Claus that was at Texas Roadhouse on Tuesday night for making my kids’ night and being a great, awesome Santa Claus, from a mom and dad.

our patriotic Hoosiers on selflessly wearing masks in stores, gym bleachers, and in church pews.

the COVID-19 taskforce explaining on CNN and MSNBC all about the new Omicron variant and how it evades the two current drugs to combat COVID-19 and showing charts and statistical data about the dark winter ahead for the unvaccinated.

The federal leader who has won big so far with COVID relief, the infrastructure bill, and 40 federal judges while having been dealt a bad hand to start with.

Randy and Diana at Lincoln Center and St. Peter’s Church for the gift fund, God bless you all, love Sharon.

my beautiful daughter Heather Michaels, love Mama and Grandma.

the Ward family for all the beautiful Christmas lights, thank you for all your hard work, from your neighbors.

the entire Republic opinion page on Thursday.

John Krull’s Thursday column.

Onions to

the former federal elected official planning a news conference to spread more lies which we can assume he will.

the political party that needs to pivot and understand how dangerous and awful these years of rhetoric and policy have been.

those blaming either president for COVID. Even they can’t overcome the stubbornness of the American people.

those who only watch biased news networks and continue to put misleading information in the onions comments.

believing that the current administration is letting people die from COVID when the previous administration promoted wacky remedies and admitted downplaying the virus from the get-go.

inconsiderate drivers at the eastside big box store parking in front of fire exit doors clearly marked “no parking” with their flashers on.

the local congressman who was voted in because he had an “R” next to his name on the ballot, which would be impossible to lose in this gerrymandered district.

Political party representatives who fear the truth will come out if they cooperate with the Jan. 6th insurrection. It’s time to remove them from office.

those who would take advantage of a pandemic to price gouge.

not knowing the difference between calling it a hoax and demanding folks to get vaccinated for it.

local representative for voting against the Captiol riot investigation. Evil succeeds when good men do nothing.

those who don’t know the the pear trees along Washington Street are not the invasive Bradford variety.

the city for charging each carload of people $30 to see the Christmas lights and giving city and county employees raises.

all the rude people in the world.

the new omicron variant that evades Regeneron and the new Eli Lilly drug remdesivir.

the senator who voted ‘yes’ on a $768 billion military defense fund but ‘no’ to bills that would actually benefit his constituents and all Americans.

the so-called pro-life party who wants children to be born but now does not want to extend the child tax credit so the families can feed those children.

people who attempt to deflect attention from the failures of the current leader by always criticizing the former leader.

Happy Birthday to

Nikki Burton, from your family and Donna.

Vera Bloom, from Anna.

Nick Marlin, from all your family and Grandma Kurtz.

Dec. 25

Happy Birthday to

Mike Harris, from your family and Donna.

Leah Brouse, from all your family.

Timothy Carroll on No. 38, from Mom, Alisha, Kara, Johnny, Isabel, Nakia, Dawson, Steven, Jennifer, Klint, Maggie, Sawyer, and Jeremy.

Stephanie, our Christmas angel, from Grandpa and Grandma.