Around Town – Sept. 29

Editor’s Note: Submissions to Around Town are opinions submitted anonymously by readers, not factual representations, and do not reflect the viewpoints of The Republic or its staff.

Sept. 29

Orchids to

Andy East for his great article on the American Rescue Plan.

Centra for clearing the weeds at its new building on Goeller and placing sod down, looks so nice now.

President Joe Biden for a stable stock market, record low unemployment, the creation of millions of jobs and bringing down the deficit.

Carolyn Behrman and her staff for their service to the community over the years.

Josh at Otter Creek for great service and food.

the new Central Cafe restaurant for being so good, a very good meal at a decent price.

whoever put flowers on my front porch on 30th Street, very thoughtful.

Brenda at CRH laboratory for being so kind to my mother, drawing her blood every morning, from a very grateful daughter.

Sharon at Centra Credit Union for your help, I appreciate it, from Judy.

Dave and Mike Goodner at Goodner’s Heating and Air Conditioning for providing wonderful service to a senior citizen couple on Marr Road.

President Biden for spending last week defending freedom and democracy on the world stage.

Democratic governors who unveiled measures to combat the climate crisis.

Onions to

not sharing nuclear defense weapons with Ukraine.

the federal representative who needs to be specific in his objections to the American Rescue Plan, not just make nasty generalizations about the bill.

anyone still thinking we’re better off now than we were with the past administration.

the congressman voting against and his representative using offensive language about the American Rescue Plan but was delighted to take a PPP loan that wasn’t paid back.

congressmen who take credit for bills they vocally objected to and voted against.

the school board candidate who believes our kids lack “mental capacity.”

those that don’t agree teachers should be first priority for student debt forgiveness.

those who worship orange idols, thinking them to be golden.

people who still haven’t learned it doesn’t work to be a part-time mask wearer.

conservative values.

anyone who thinks the former president does not need money even though he’s always looking for ways to get more.

the guy running for office again who didn’t seem to care when they were threatening to hang his brother.

politicians who are doing little or nothing to stop the trafficking of human beings and drugs into the United States.

the political party saying if they regain power, they will change elections so that the opposition party’s votes are not counted.

Happy Birthday to

Shelly Bell, from your family and Donna.

Grayson Fox on No. 22, love Mom, Dad, Lila, Jackson, Keegan!

Jacob Bunch, from Dad, Tiffany, Sue, Donnie Wayne, Rodger Sr., Wilma, Rodger Jr., Dawn, Emily, Willow, and family and friends.